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Shoes should make up an important part of your wardrobe. They should be comfortable yet stylish, fashionable yet timeless. Investing in a well-made pair of shoes can go a long way, especially when taking the necessary measures to take care of them. At Arthur's, you will get a pair that is custom-made for you.

The first stage is: fitting. Each foot will be separately measured for length and circumference and you will then try the most suitable size for length and width, checking for comfort and proper fit. Adjustments can also be made to the last of your choice by adding extra room to required areas. 14 different sizes and 6 different widths are offered.

You will then choose your favorite model (around 35 models available), in a square or round toe. Secondly, you will choose the type of leather and color you wish to have. There are around 50 choices including calf, kip, waxed leather, suede, French cordovan, French annonay and ostrich.

Other options include: linings (7 different colors), sole type (leather, double leather, rubber capped, full rubber, crepe, golf, wedge shaped), sole color (light brown, dark brown, natural, black) heel type (leather & rubber, vibram), edge shape(round, plain, ridge), edge color (black, dark brown, light brown, reddish brown, natural), lace type (round or flat) and lace color (black, brown, navy, white, beige).


Belts are a beautiful complement to your custom shoes. With our custom belt services, you have the convenience of having them made with the same leather as your shoes, in accordance with your waist size. Furthermore, you can choose from 5 different styles, 2 different widths, 8 different buckles, 4 different buckle colors.


Saphir's exclusive Médaille d'Or 1925 Paris collection available for all your shoe care needs. Products offered include:

  • Cream(Pommadier)
  • polishing cream(Pate de luxe)
  • renovator
  • super invulner waterproofing spray
  • mirror gloss wax
  • gommadin suede cleaner
  • nappa cream
  • cordovan cream
  • mink oil in a jar or bottle
  • sole guard
  • Renomat
  • suede renovating spray
  • cotton cloth
  • shoe laces in light brown, dark brown and black, in 60,75 and 90 cm. length
  • hand waxed exotic wood brushes for spreading, polishing and buffing.

Orders by telephone or e-mail are welcome. We ship all over North America. Next day delivery for the Montreal area.


Made in the U.S.A. of premium cedar red wood and a solid mechanism. Available in 7 different sizes. Absorbs the humidity efficiently and help your shoes keep their original shape


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