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A client for life

"Arthur’s peerless attention to detail and unparalleled accommodation make him stand above the crowd. He provides quality and service the old fashioned way… and has made me a customer for life!"

-Lino Saputo Jr., CEO & Chairman, Saputo Inc., Montreal, Qc.

Working with passion and love

"A bespoke shirt should be impeccably constructed, fit perfectly, and have no detail overlooked. An Arthur bespoke shirt exemplifies these qualities with ease. Arthur and his sons possess an obvious passion and love for their art and this is reflected in both the exceptional service provided as well as the final product. My shirts were simply flawless."

-Vasilios Tsimiklis,Montreal,QC.

Impeccable attention to detail

"Arthur provides exceptional service and impeccable attention to detail. Their bespoke shirts are works of art. I highly recommend Arthur’s to any gentleman who is discriminating about his personal style and the clothes he wears"

-George Holland, Founder and V-P, Video Quotient Inc., Montreal, Qc.

A world class selection of fabrics

"Arthur's fabrics collection is unique and unparallel in terms of variety, quality, designs and colors. ALUMO is also by far their main choice and they, together, guarantee a consistency in the highest fabric quality available worldwide. This allows a customer to be as unique or as basic as he wants. All in all, there is a remarkable difference between designer shirts and Arthur's bespoke shirts at all levels including fabric, fit, detail craftsmanship and comfort"

-Markus Heller, Managing Director, ALUMO AG, Appenzell, Switzerland

Can't wear anything else!

"I wore my two Arthur shirts last Friday and Saturday for a special event. When I returned home Saturday evening, I turned to my wife and told her that I did not know how I was going to put on a regular shirt Monday morning. My Arthur shirts fit the way a shirt should, and make everything else in my closet appear as the enemy. I cannot put on another shirt without cringing. I never thought that I would have a “clothing goal,” but I do now. I hope to rid my closet of any shirt that was not made for me by Arthur as soon as possible. Cheers!"

-Richard Zidel, President, Zidel Marketing, Montreal, Qc.

Getting educated about fine craftsmanship

"I had no idea that when I visited Montreal, I would find the maker of the finest shirts I now own. The fabrics are beautiful and unique, and always draw compliments. I appreciate the fit and the workmanship, consistently first-rate. I feel like I am not only getting a fine product, but an education as well! You have a loyal customer, even at this distance"

-J.L., New York

A montreal destination

"Friends and clients always remark on the distinctive and elegant shirts hand crafted by Arthur’s, a Montreal destination for those who are not looking for run of the mill shirts...unique patterns and highest quality imported cloths."

-Benjamin Horwood, President, Value Contrarian Asset Management, Montreal, Qc.

Dedicated to their craft

"Arthur and his sons are dedicated to their craft. They clearly take great pride in their work, which they accomplish with skill and attention to detail, and they make sure that I'm completely satisfied with each garment. Visiting their shop is a pleasure and I always look forward to seeing Arthur, David and John."

-PC, Quebec, Qc.

"The Torrance collar"

"I’m very picky about what I wear – especially my tailored shirts, since that’s what I’m dressed in six days out of seven. I like to play around with the designs, I travel to Italy quite often and am very impressed by the clothes I see there. I like extra-wide cuffs and very long, wide collars. I even asked Arthur to create a collar with an extra button in the middle so that it would sit high on the neck and maintain its shape, even when I’m not wearing a tie. He calls it the “Torrance collar”. I really appreciate that I can bring these ideas to him and that he’s open to my suggestions. I feel as if I’m helping to design the shirts myself."

-Torrance Ragueneau, Hôtel de la Montagne/Thursday's, Montreal, Qc.

Outstanding quality

"I have been a loyal Arthur customer for the last several years. The quality is outstanding, the attention to detail is unsurpassed and the service is second to none. I would not hesitate to recommend Arthur and his fine team to anyone."

-Kevin Barr, Calgary, AB.

Down to earth owners

"Although Arthur offers an exclusive service unrivalled in Montreal, there is none of the snobbery exhibited at some of the more "exclusive" boutiques. When you enter the store, you are greeted by Arthur and his two sons, who will eventually continue on the tradition when he retires. Arthur himself is a very warm man that is willing to accommodate all needs. They offer a level of personal service that I've found only rarely in the world of high-end clothes. They are truly interested in building long-term relationships with their clients. Let me tell you that it will be hard to go back to off-the-rack shirts after you've gone bespoke. I couldn't fathom being forced to do so myself. I would be miserable! (...) in choosing to buy from Arthur, you will be helping to maintain a dying tradition that deserves to be maintained, but which I fear will one day be lost to mass production."

-Jody Sudbury, Montreal, Qc.

Interested in a long term relationship

"Arthur and his sons are truly interested in taking the time to get to know the needs of their clients. They spare no effort in making sure that their clients are satisfied. As a customer, you get the feeling that you have commenced a long relationship with them and that they will be around for the long term."

-M.C., Montreal, Qc.

Getting married in style

"Thanks for being so diligent. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate the service and the quality of work I get from you and your family. I know that I will be getting married in style! I look forward to seeing you on your next trip. All the best."

-Frank Turner, attorney at law, Calgary, AB.

A unique gem in Montreal

"It's very hard to find a tailor that will make women's business clothes. When I approached Arthur about this, he was very open and accommodating. I had several items made by him and they fit me like a glove...which is impossible to get "off the rack" . The quality of the workmanship and attention to detail is unsurpassed. A unique gem in Montreal."

-Dawn Svoronos, Retired President of Merck Canada/Europe

Knowing when to listen is key

"What I like about Arthur is that he is never too busy to listen or to laugh at a joke. If someone really listens to you and they have the talent, than you are likely to get an item that you will enjoy wearing. I always have gotten from Arthur exactly what I ordered. Now in today’s day and age that’s listening and that’s talent."

-Charles D'Angelo, CMA, Palm Beach, FL.

A true family operation

" I first came upon Arthur's while on a visit to Montreal with my family in 2001. Over the years I've ordered shirts and suits from Arthur's. In fact, Arthur and his son David have personally visited my home to update measurements and present new fabric swatches. The quality, craftsmanship and variety of their products are exceptional. However, what I most appreciate about Arthur's is the Der Shahinian family. They are true gentlemen as well as professionals. I highly recommend Arthur's for those who desire and appreciate quality."

-David Ramsey, Boston, MA.

Unparalleled skill and expertise

"The personal attention and care given to me and my shirt order by Arthur and his family was unique, unusual and most gratifying. They made certain that I was entirely satisfied with my shirts in every detail. The skill and expertise of this family is reflected in their product. First class in every respect."

-RBL, attorney, New York, NY.

Arthur is my last shirt maker

"In the past, I always purchased Brioni shirts. On vacation in Montreal, I saw Arthur's store and walked in. I decided to buy 6 shirts, went through measuring and got my try-on shirt finalized within 3 hours. After minor adjustments, the fit was perfect. Ever since my shirts arrived, I can't wear my old shirts. The fabric and the fit of Arthur's shirts is something I have never been able to find. I now have 14 shirts and only wear them, the old shirts are gone. Now, I have fabrics sent to me and place orders annually. I love my shirts, they are the best. Arthur is my last shirt maker."

-Jeffrey Wasserman, Los Angeles, CA.

Impecabble attention to detail

" I have been buying shirts from Arthur since 2001, since I first walked by their shop in Montreal. I went in on a whim and was taken in by the walls of wonderful fabrics and beautiful shirts on display. I had always wanted to wear custom made shirts but I thought they would be too expensive and I did not realize how much nicer they would be than regular "nice shirts". Since that first visit, I have ordered many shirts from Arthur and his sons and have always been impressed with how well they fit and how comfortable they are. The fabrics are the nicest fabrics you will find anywhere and wear incredibly well. I now have quite a few Arthur shirts and love to be able to call them and ask for some new fabric samples and then order them over the phone. If you are ever in Montreal and have a desire for the finest shirts made, stop by Arthur’s shop."

-Adam D. Lee, President, Lee Auto Malls, Portland, ME.

They understand what brings customers back

"What impressed me most about the purchase of my bespoke garments from Arthur's was the genuine care and attention that went into my small order. From my initial introduction, through the various fittings, adjustments and follow up, Arthur's clearly established itself in my mind as bespoke tailor and shirt maker that understands what brings customers back . . . quality and service, service, service."

-Michael Dixon, CA, Montreal, Qc.

High level of service and attention to detail

"I was very impressed with the high level of service and attention to detail I received from Arthur and his team. Upon first wearing my new custom garments, I came to quickly appreciate the enhanced feel and quality of a truly custom fit that suited me perfectly. I now find myself instinctively looking for my Arthur’s garments when I open my closet in the morning."

-Edward Wooldridge, Calgary, AB.

Wold class craftsmanship

"Once again I must commend you on your world class workmanship and the pleasure that it is to work with you"

-A.G., Wall Street executive and entrepreneur, New York, NY

A future client

"I have a four-year old son who loves to be daddy. One morning when I was putting a shirt on - I usually wear shirts with French cuffs - my son came up to me and said, daddy, "how come I don't have a ‘chemise’ like this? I want to have one too". At the time, he already had a pin-striped suit which he proudly wore with button-down shirts. Mesmerized by the event, and without thinking, I said, well I'll get you one. Then came of course the major problem. Who in Montreal would have shirts with French cuffs for a four-year old? The answer - Arthur - who himself is a proud father of two! Arthur and his sons are not only wonderful people but they are also consummate professionals. My son and I are very proud today of our Arthur shirts."

-Babak Barin, Montreal, Qc.

A rare find even in the world of bespoke

"As a young boy I vividly remember being fascinated by the tactile feel of the fine fabrics draped by the sewing machine of my grandmother, a former pattern maker for a New York City fashion house. I aspired to the sartorial elegance of the likes of Gary Cooper, Gianni Agnelli and Cary Grant. By the time I was old enough (and had the financial wherewithal), I sought out master tailors to create handcrafted garments to match my style and to satisfy my obsessive pursuit of supreme quality and fit, all to be disappointed by either the services provided, the products delivered, or both. That is, until, one day on a whim, I walked into Arthur’s Montreal boutique. Arthur, David and John are consummate professionals who are passionate about their craft. One cannot help but feel that they are sincerely not satisfied until their client is completely satisfied. Even in the world of bespoke tailoring, it is a rarity to find the level of unparalleled quality, skilled craftsmanship and exceptional service provided by Arthur’s. I certainly know where I will be procuring all future suits and shirts."

-John Aaron Sussman, Montreal, Qc.

My first suit since prom

"As a new young professional, I purchased my first suit since prom from Arthur's and have been more than pleased with the incredible quality of the products and expertise delivered by the team. You can feel they are passionate about what they do and it translates into an unprecedented experience with a level of personalized service which is very rare these days. Thank you! "

-Gabriel P., Montreal

Truly world class

"Truly world-class selection, quality and service. I have worked with bespoke tailors all over the globe and not a single one can compete with the precision, creativity and professionalism of Arthur."

-Sean King, Raleigh, N.C.

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