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Gentlemen's Journal

Featured on BBC StoryWorks

We are pleased to have taken part of the StoryWorks article from the BBC and feel excited to share it with you. Below is a quick read of the section about Arthur Montreal. Should you wish to read the full article, please follow thelink below.

Cozy up for winter

On the harshest and coldest winter days, the need to be stylish nearly seems to disappear for most. However, we believe there IS a way around this. With proper layering and using the right materials, we can seamlessly blend function and style.

Elevate Your Style...Even When Casual

A perfect complement to your tailored business attire, each sweater is individually cut and crafted to your specific measurements. Made in Italy with the most precious Mongolian cashmere.

Made in-house with one thing in mind: YOU

What are the REAL benefits of having YOUR garments custom-made in-house? Control over production allows us to meet deadlines and solve issues promptly and effectively.A direct collaboration with the makers of your garments allows you to have a seamless communication channel where every single detailed request can be met.

Plan ahead for Autumn

Summer holidays are over and cooler days are right around the corner. It’s time to revamp our wardrobes…fall weddings, fundraiser events and holiday parties are all great reasons to dress up. Your measurements may have changed, your taste and preferences may have evolved or you may just want to treat yourself.

Sartorial Japanese Artisanal Expertise

Often called Japan’s Edward Green as its aesthetics reminds a lot about the British premium brand where basically only your imagination sets the bar of what’s possible.

New Product Launch - Introducing custom-made Jeans

Custom-made, with the highest level of comfort and sense of luxury. Each pair is individually crafted and carefully designed to perfectly match your style and figure. All made with the finest and most sustainable fabrics.

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The Bespoke Polo Shirt

The Perfect Fit. 

Just like your bespoke dress shirts, you should expect a perfect fit with your polos. To achieve this, we will temporarily assemble a polo in your shirt size with the appropriate modifications to the body length, sleeve width, sleeve length, etc. Once finalized, a personalized paper pattern will be drafted and kept on file for future orders.

Sneakers As Unique As You

Luxury ready meals. Luxury water. Luxury bleach. 

The human race has transformed plenty of everyday products into fancy, pointless abominations. But one thing it did get right was turning the humble athletic trainer into a piece of art worthy of a streetwear king.

Arthur's guide to Made-to-Measure

Typically refers to custom clothing that is cut and sewn in a factory, using standard-sized block patterns.

"Custom made" most often refers to MTM.

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