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Temperatures are cooling in many parts of the world, sometimes going down several degrees in only a day. The good news is there's a way to ensure you won't be caught off guard. The secret? Layers. And, since layers can easily look bulky, it's critical your garments are properly tailored.

Here are five ways to integrate layers into your autumn look, so you can stay both stylish and warm.

1.    Cashmere Sweater & Sport Jacket

A soft 100% cashmere sweater or sweater vest contrasted with a non-textured wool suit jacket is an autumn essential. Choose a neutral suit jacket colour, like charcoal, so you can be a little adventurous with the sweater's hue. Reference the season's falling leaves with earthy tones, such as moss or rust. Layer a dress shirt under the sweater for extra chilly days.

2. Double-breasted Shawl Neck Cashmere Sweater

A cashmere double-breasted shawl neck sweater is a terrific statement piece. The ribbed shawl neck, which folds over, generously provides the warmth of a scarf while the sweater's double-breasted construction gives you added coverage. Allow the shawl neck to stand in as a collar and layer with a simple, long sleeve cotton top.

3. Patterned Merino Wool Socks

If you wear your trousers with no break, transition into the cooler months with patterned merino wool socks. Avoid ones that are heavily ribbed as these can look too sporty and heavy. Instead, opt for a thinner weave with a bold pattern, like argyle. Tailor-made socks will hold up without any unsightly slouching.

4. Large Cashmere Scarf

The large cashmere scarf trend is still going strong for both men and women. Pair it with a coat in order to maintain a balanced proportion e.g. never wear it alone with a sweater. Go hatless as a hat will compete with the scarf, giving you a cluttered appearance. If it's warmer, keep your coat open and allow the scarf to trail on either side of your neck. An incorrect attempt at this avant garde look can leave you drowning in a sea of fabric, therefore make sure the length of the scarf is right for you.

5. Double-breasted Wool Overcoat

Finally, a double-breasted wool overcoat is a necessity once it gets cold. Statement overcoats with large scale prints were seen all over the runways this season. If you'd like to partake in the trend while still remaining practical, ensure the coat is a neutral colour. This enables you to easily match it with accessories you already own. Wool coats and leather gloves are a timeless pair.

Eventually, it may seem too cold to wear the wool overcoat-don't ditch it for a bulky, puffer coat (however tempting)! Instead, layer a down vest under the wool shell and add top layers as needed. This way you can maintain a slim, refined look throughout the season.

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