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The most important criteria in a shirt is your comfort. So, it follows to reason that Arthur’s bespoke shirt-making process starts with a detailed discussion about what you like and dislike about your existing shirt’s fit and features.

Once all your preferences have been noted, we will advise you on choosing your fabrics from one of the most extensive and exclusive collections in the country. The craftsmanship that goes into our shirt-making process is second to none, providing unparalleled quality and fit with single needle stitching, floating collar and cuffs and seamless pattern alignment.

To further personalize your shirt, choose from dozens of collar and cuff styles, luxurious Australian mother of pearl buttons, and a number of other finishing options that truly make each of your shirts one-of-a-kind.

When it comes to fitting, we take over to 20 precise measurements and detailed notes to create your personal paper pattern. We then create your muslin fitting shirt (a try-on shirt) that allows us to perfect your fit down to the slightest detail. Only once you are completely satisfied with the fit of the try-on shirtwill we proceed with the next steps to completing your order.


If timing is an issue or perhaps you do not require the level of customization offered by a bespoke shirt for certain situations, Arthur’s Black Label made-to-measure collection is for you. Significantly more personalized than ready-to-wear, our collection offers a consistent fit, the same extensive fabric selection offered through our bespoke service, and a quick turnaround time.


It depends. Many factors will determine how long a shirt will last. The most notable one will be laundry and maintenance. The amount of heat, pressure and chemicals used in the cleaning process will have a big impact on the shirt's lifespan. Also, the way you wear the shirt will make a difference; for example, taking the time to unbutton the shirt properly is important.
The best way to clean a shirt in order to maximize durability is the traditional way (and the most time-consuming)…washed and ironed by hand. Let it soak in warm soapy water for 30 minutes and gently scrub the soiled areas with laundry detergent and a soft toothbrush. Hang dry and press by hand, making sure the shirt is still moist.
Technically, even the best cottons will shrink by an inconsiderable amount. However, the only notable shrinkage will be for the collar which we guarantee will shrink by a maximum of ½" after the first 2-3 washes, and then it will not change in size. That shrinking allowance is taken into consideration when cutting your collar.
Everything is produced from our workshop/showroom in the heart of downtown Montreal. This makes our production line much more flexible and offers a superior level of service where your consultant is also your shirt maker. It is very important that the person measuring you is also the one working on your pattern. We are able to craft your shirts with maximum precision and detail.
We will take 15-20 measurements (depending on your body's shape and size). Then, your pattern will be created from a blank piece of paper and a try-on shirt (a.k.a. muslin  fitting) will be created solely for fitting purposes. Adjustments are noted and problem areas are pinned to the slightest detail to attain the perfect fit you are looking for.
We require 3 shirts for new clients plus a $150 muslin  fitting fee. We will waive that fee for orders of 6 shirts or more. For office/house visits in the Montreal area, the minimum order is 6 shirts. Quantities vary when visiting cities outside the area of Montreal.
If we already have your measurements and your paper pattern, we will send you a selection of fabric swatches. If we don't have your measurements, we would set an appointment for our next visit to your area. If we do not visit your area regularly, you could send us your best fitting shirt and we could copy the measurements off of it and also make adjustments to the pattern, if necessary.
Yes. One of the main advantages of having custom-made shirts done is the possibility of replacing your old collar and cuffs with a new set, thus considerably extending the lifespan of your shirts.

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