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Bespoke Hand-Made Suits

The perfectly tailored suit is the foundation of the modern gentleman’s wardrobe. We believe that each suit should be crafted to answer to your personal style, highlight your best features and be exceptionally comfortable to wear. At Arthur, our bespoke suits will be meticulously hand-crafted using the finest materials and built to be as unique as you are.

After discussing the purpose of the suit, your personal style, cut and fit preferences, we will take you through our fabric library which includes selections from some of Europe’s most prestigious mills. We will then discuss numerous customization options like silk linings, unique pocket dimensions, button stance, lapel widths and more, that will further contribute to making your bespoke suit one-of-a-kind.

Finally, we will take dozens of measurements and notes about your body that will be used to create your own personal paper pattern. A number of fitting sessions will help iron out the subtlest of issues during the creation of your suit so we can achieve a perfect fit. These are a few of the reasons a bespoke suit can’t be beat when it comes to creating the most comfortable and personalized suit you will ever wear. 

We are pleased to provide our customers with more selection and convenience by being an official retailer of Samuelsohn’s Made-to-Measure Program. Offering some of the most luxurious fabrics and fashion forward cuts, Samuelsohn is renowned to be one of North America's premier suit manufacturers.


The term bespoke is a traditional English word used to describe a fully custom-made garment. A bespoke suit is created from a blank piece of paper and designed according to the specific measurements taken by the tailor himself. It is different from made-to-measure suits or some custom-made suits which simply consist of pre-made paper patterns that are adjusted and put together.
Bespoke suits will typically require two fittings. This will depend of your body's shape, most of the time, we don't even need to put a single pin during the second fitting; this makes it convenient for clients who are from out of town
Always depending on the season, our suits will normally take about 6-10 weeks for completion. Of course, it also depends on your availability and location. Choosing a fabric from the sample books collection may take an extra week.
Since not all cuts can be suited to any individual, we will help you choose the most appropriate one for you. Whether it is British, Italian or North American, we will find the one that suits your body type the best and the one you will feel most comfortable wearing. Most of the shaping and modeling of the suit will take place during the first fitting session.
Our jackets are fully hand-mounted in the all-traditional way. The jacket includes a hand-sewn (as opposed to being glued on) natural wool full-chest canvas, which will considerably enhance the garment's durability. It also gives the garment enough body to hang properly. Jackets come with surgeon cuffs, including hand-sewn working buttonholes.
Our trousers come with many details that will emphasize craftsmanship, comfort and durability. The finishing of the pockets, the zipper and the hemming are all done by hand. The belt is re-enforced with extra material to prevent it from rolling over. All trousers are half-lined with bemberg lining to minimize wearing caused by friction between the legs.
While making the garment, we will leave extra cloth at certain seams to allow for possible future modifications. This feature proves to be one of the main advantages of having bespoke suits made.
Yes, re-ordering a garment is made very easy because your paper pattern is adjusted to the slightest detail after each fitting session. If you have not changed in size from your previous order, we may send you some fabric swatches and you could select your favorite patterns.

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