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The collar is considered to be the heart of the shirt. Making a quality collar requires a lot of experience and attention to detail in order to give it a properly finished look.

Contrary to most collars found in today's market, which come with a lining thermally fused on to the fabric, the linings we use to reinforce your collars are free from the fabric. This traditional method of collar making provides you more comfort on the neck thanks to its soft yet solid nature which helps your collar keep its shape all day long. On the other hand, the top fused linings will feel much stiffer, will reveal some puckering over time as the glue detaches from the fabric and will shrink indefinitely.

The dimensions and proportions of your collar are very important as well. First, you will be measured at 4 different points around your neck and then you will be advised of the most appropriate options in terms of collar height on the sides, on the back and in the front. We will then help you determine which collar spread and tip lengths are suitable for your tie knot and your physical characteristics such as the shape of your face, your body and your height. Since every client has a unique set of measurements for their collar, we will make a special collar pattern for you and keep it in your individual file.

Another important detail about your collar is the button. We will mount your collar button by hand, giving it a small elevated shaft to help you button up more easily. Furthermore, you will be given the option to include permanent collar stays or make them removable, which is the more traditional way.

One of the main advantages of having custom-made shirts done is the possibility of replacing your collar and cuffs, if they wear out. If this is the case, you may bring them in and we will check to see if the same fabric is still available. Moreover, we always have the option of putting on a set of white collar and cuffs or a different set of color.

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