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Custom Boots - ES36

Manufacturer: Miyagi Kogyo for Arthur

Based in Yamagata, Japan, Miyagi Kogyo was founded in 1941, at the request of the military. They employ some of the most talented artisans in Japan, a country renowned for their culture of quality shoemaking. They firmly insist on making all of their shoes Goodyear welted, using only the finest leathers combined with old world production techniques that involve 200 steps and an important amount of hand work. We are proud to be the exclusive Canadian retailers of Miyagi Kogyo's Made-to-Measure program. An exceptional collection of timeless and elegant footwear in a variety of models and shapes.


Most models are available in an English style traditional rounded toe or in a more modern slightly squared toe.

We offer a handful of different calf leather finishes including smooth, pebbled, embossed, burned and burnished.

We also offer leathers of different origins such as calf, kip and suede as well as premium materials such as ostrich, Annonay leather from France and suede from Charles F. Stead, in England.

The soles come in a variety of options including single leather, double leather, dienite rubber, crepe and brick. 

For sizing, we offer 6 different widths in 17 different sizes, making sure to accomodate almost all sizes and shapes. Very often, each foot has a different width, length or shape. Hence, we hold an extensive amount of fitting shoes in store for clients to try-on and find the most comfortable fit for each foot.

For inquiries or to place an order, we invite you to contact us. Measurements and fittings can be made virtually from the comfort of your home.

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