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Whether you're an international businessman, or traveling on summer vacation, it's useful to know which clothes are not only stylish, but also seasonally appropriate for the cities you're visiting.

Here's a roundup of popular destinations, and what to wear while you're there:


One of the fashion capitals of the world, Paris is a synonymous with elegance. People wear subdued colours, preferring classic black and white in luxury fabrics like cashmere, wool, and silk.

For the winter, sport a V-neck cashmere sweater in grey, navy, or black. As an outer layer, wear a large, statement cashmere scarf knotted over a wool peacoat; this is a fresh update on the iconic Parisian look popularized by the artists and intellectuals of the 1960's. Quilted coats, wax jackets, and suede dress shoes are also popular for the cooler months.

For warmer weather, dress down an Oxford shirt with minimalist black sneakers. Jeans and blazers are both worn in a slim fit, with dark colours. Forget the tie and instead, add a silk pocket scarf.


London is known for its preppy style, busy streets, and grey skies-pack an umbrella. Shop in the historical Savile Row while you're there.

Men in this city layer their sporty cotton jackets over white Oxford shirts, keeping the zipper down to expose interesting accents, like a flash of red plaid lining. Stylish Londoners are also navigating the busy streets wearing iconic belted beige trench coats. Additionally, residents opt for statement cashmere featuring a cable knit weave.

Cognac coloured leather dress shoes are a must, along with matching accents like a portfolio, belt, and watch strap. Wingtips and perforated detailing add a vintage-inspired accent to local footwear. Earthy tones of beige, brown, and olive adorn dress pants and blazers. In the winter, coats are accessorized with plaid wool scarves.

Overall, the city trends formal-ties are appropriate.


Monaco is a city that's formal in the evenings, and generally smart casual during the day. Smart casual means: a blazer/jacket/sportscoat, dress pants, and a shirt. At the Monte Carlo casino, it's prohibited to wear shorts, tennis shoes, or open-toed footwear, like sandals. In the evenings at the casino, the dress code can be even stricter, with men being required to wear jackets and ties.

Invitations to specific events will likely include a dress code, like black tie or semi-formal. For black tie, wear a dinner jacket or tuxedo with a dress shirt, bow tie, and perfectly polished leather shoes-stick to basic black and white here. For semi-formal, you simply need a dark suit and tie. Occasionally, an event will be black tie optional, in which case semi-formal wear is appropriate. Finally, an event may also stipulate cocktail attire. Think of this as a more adventurous version of semi-formal-ties are optional and there's some room for bright accents and bolder pieces. Want to try a celebrity-inspired look? Opt for a slim fit suit in rich royal.

Yachting is another major pastime in Monaco. For this, wear lightweight fabrics in light colours. Cream or white linen, or pale striped seersucker is ideal. These fabrics will breathe well under intense summer heat and reflect sunlight, keeping you cool.

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