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Nappa Leather Cream

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Nappa Leather Cream is a particularly gentle cream containing jojoba oil and wheat protein, ingredients which are commonly used in the cosmetics industry. It preserves the finish and appearance of nappa leather, and provides an in-depth clean and nourishment. 75 ml.

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Technical information
Nappa Leather Cream does not contain solvents. Its nurturing formula is renowned for being extremely soft and particularly suited to preserve the appearance and texture of the finest and most fragile leathers.
Suitable use
Apply Nappa Leather Cream to smooth leather and delicate leatherwork such as nappa, boxcalf and goat.
Main ingredients

Jojoba oil
Wheat protein

Care instructions
  1. Remove any dust or dirt from leather with a cloth
  2. Apply the Nappa sparingly using either an applicator brush or applicator cloth
  3. Let the cream dry for 5 minutes
  4. Polish with a soft cotton or wool cloth

Test beforehand on a non-visible area.

After applying the Nappa Leather Cream, we recommend using the Super Invulner Médaille d'Or. The resin-based formulation enhances protection against the elements such as water, grease and dirt.

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