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January 1st is as good a day as any to experiment with - or even reinvent - your signature style. Here's a list of five resolutions to consider in the New Year; let's make it your best-dressed yet.

1. You've been meaning to pare down your wardrobe for a while. Well, there's no better time than the present. Clear your closet of redundant, worn-out, and low-quality garments. Make a concerted effort to purchase high quality pieces that will last a long time, and importantly, help you mold your image as a tastefully clothed professional.

2. Vow to avoid over-design - distressed jeans, jackets riddled with unnecessary pockets, clashing patterns, large logos, etc. - and instead, aim for a cleaner, more streamlined look. German-American achitect Mies Van Der Rohe articulated this idea well, saying: "Less is more," pointing to minimalism - an aesthetic movement that is concerned with essential, basic design elements. And, approaching your look with an editing eye - cutting away bulk and 'noise' - and, erring on the side of minimalism is always a good idea.

3. You've got a closet full of reliable staples - white dress shirt, charcoal suit, black leather belt and shoes - so why not try experimenting with colors and patterns? Go for a bold pinstripe pattern, which has been trending on the runways this season. Or, opt for a truly luxurious and cozy garment, like a cashmere sweater in an intriguing dusty rose or navy blue color. Allow these statement designs to come to the foreground, being mindful again, of minimalism, pairing them with simpler pieces to avoid an overwrought appearance.

4. Pant hem bunching over your shoes? Shoulder seam hitting below the mark? Ill fitted garments can cause you physical discomfort while creating an unflattering distortion of your natural physique. In this New Year, resolve to pay attention to tailoring; it will be well worth it. Better yet, invest in a bespoke outfit. From start to finish, these garments are quite literallymade for you.

5. New Year's celebrations are all about glitz and glamor. Keep the spirit of the season going by working some metallics and shine into your look. Opt for a classic stainless steel watch or cufflinks to top off your outfit. Additionally, keep your leather shoes as sleek as can be with polishing cream, sprays, and wood brushes for buffing.

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