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Sole Guard

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Sole Guard limits premature wear of leather soles by reducing abrasion and penetration of salt and moisture into the leather. 100ml.

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Technical information

Sole Guard contains 100% natural pharmaceutical and cosmetic grade vegetable oil to nourish, soften and waterproof leather soles. Saphir collaborated with shoe manufacturers to create a product which resists water penetration and preserves leather outsoles. Even the most premium leather outsoles require protection to extend their wear. Sole Guard is a non-slip product that does not mark the floor.

Suitable uses

Sole Guard is suitable for use on all varieties and qualities of leather outsoles.

Care instructions
  1. Apply Sole Guard sparingly with a dry cotton chamois cloth.
  2. Allow to dry for one hour then reapply if desired. Wipe off any excess liquid not absorbed into the leather.
  3. Leave the second application to dry for a minimum of six hours or overnight, if possible.

We suggest using Sole Guard at least every three months.

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