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There are many pop culture references about wearing white. Some claim that one should only wear it between Memorial Day (the last Monday of May) and Labour Day (the first Monday of September). This limits the wearing of white to approximately three months, which is quite narrow! Others contend that Easter (the first Sunday after the first full moon following the vernal equinox) marks the first day it's appropriate to start wearing it. Regardless of these 'rules', a more general - and arguably more legitimate - guideline is that it is best worn in warm weather. White reflects light and heat, and these properties make it as much a practical choice as it is a fashionable one.



Jacket - Choose a jacket that is off-white instead. Pure white can be bright and severe. Since the jacket represents a significant surface area compared to the rest of the outfit, it is advisable to be subtle here. Lighter, breathable fabrics are a preferable choice for jackets. Heavier wools can overheat the body, along with looking dated.

Shirt - A crisp white shirt is a great way to add class to an outfit. Off-white is a more relaxed choice. Select a shade that is appropriate for the occasion. White shirts can be worn alone or layered under jackets. As you can see, there is a lot of flexibility when it comes to white shirts, making it an important wardrobe staple for the modern man.

Pants - The guidelines for white pants are similar to those for jackets. So, off-white is a better choice here. Again, opt for a lighter fabric like cotton or linen. White pants are a statement and should be treated as such. Make sure that other elements of your look are harmonious and subdued.

Shoes - White color blocked shoes - worn with a complementary outfit - can be a stylish reference to the roaring 20's. When it comes to shoes, context is important; consider the occasion. White is an excellent choice for a pair of leather golf shoes. If you're staying in a resort town, the tropics, or certain places in Europe - like the South of France - white canvas shoes can be ideal.

Importantly, do not overwhelm your look with a solid block of white. Meaning: wear a white jacket or a white shirt. Wear a white jacket or white pants. Never both. Additionally, accessories like ties and belts are better in off-white tones.

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